Becoming Genuine Through Jewelry

Recently, I’ve been realizing how powerful jewelry is. Don’t laugh – I mean it! When you put on a piece of jewelry, your outfit instantly changes. And while that might sound obvious, have you ever thought about how jewelry can make you more genuine? I know, it sounds like a stretch, but hear me out on this. When I put on a piece of jewelry, my mood instantly changes. My confidence changes. My authenticity changes. And these change differently depending on what jewelry I wear.

Bold necklace and statement earrings? I feel ready to take on the world!

Some simple pearls? I feel classy and poised.

Colors that perfectly go with my outfit? I feel put-together and content.

Okay, you get my point. Different jewelry makes me feel different emotions. But differences aside, there’s still one thing all jewelry has in common. It makes me feel better. And the better I feel, the more likely I am to be genuine.

Look, I get it. Jewelry isn’t for everyone! If putting on a necklace makes you squirm with disgust, then wearing jewelry might not promote authenticity for you. And that’s okay! Different things make different people genuine, and that what makes the world go around. My goal is to explore more of what makes people genuine and expand on those ideas, so don’t worry – I’ll hit the topics you’re interested in hearing at some point!

But for my girls who have been reading this, nodding their heads, getting excited about jewelry… Keep reading! That just means that jewelry is something you can actually use to become more authentic. Seriously!

So, I’m assuming some of you are jewelry queens and never leave home without a statement piece. And I’m guessing that others of you might not be so coordinated (girl I feel ya.) But either way, I challenge you to think about what jewelry you’re working with, and how it’s making you feel. If you wear it everyday, is it actually adding to your outfits and making you feel more confident? If you never wear it, do you think that starting to would help you feel better about yourself? Like I said earlier, I feel more genuine when I feel better about who I am. And likely, the same goes for you. So let’s make sure that your jewelry is actually helping you, and not hurting you.

I might be so passionate about this because I just did some MAJOR jewelry shopping at Charming Charlie. For those who haven’t heard, the beloved jewelry store is closing all of its locations (cue the tears.) So I had to give my favorite place one last visit and stock up on some authentic pieces. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a peek into what I purchased and why…

I love this pretty shade of blue, & the shape is so unique!
I love the pink, orange & red combo! So snazzy!
I love a good pop of color! Thought this yellow was so pretty.
This pretty white necklace is a staple - it goes well with anything!
I love the shape of this, and black is another universal color that goes with everything!
This almost matches perfectly with the necklace and earrings! So elegant and classy.
This is a dark blue color that I think is so pretty! The teardrop shape is another favorite of mine.
I love how unique this piece is! It looks like it could be a lot more expensive than it really was.
You can never go wrong with some classic gold hoops - they're always in style!
Not jewelry... Oops... But I couldn't resist! Isn't this hair scarf cute?

So clearly I have a bit of an obsession… But can we talk about some of those price tags? Don’t worry, I’m a teenager, which means I’m on a budget and gotta spend my money carefully. One of the many reasons I love Charming Charlie is because of their prices. Guys, this is probably the cheapest jewelry you’re gonna find! And right now, they have better deals than ever. When I went shopping, everything in the store was 20% off – plus an extra 20% off clearance! My guess is that these deals are going to get even better until Charming Charlie (sadly) closes its doors. So if you’re looking to revamp your jewelry collection and get some pieces that inspire you to be fully genuine, now is the time! Head over to Charming Charlie! (This isn’t sponsored… but I wish it was!)

I hope my random train of thought inspires you to think about how authentic you are being through what you wear everyday. If you got anything from this post or have any awesome jewelry finds of your own, let me know!

Thanks again for reading! Until next time, stay genuine, girl!

~ Meredith