Planning Your Outfits Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Before you read this, let me tell you something: you’re a planner. Whether you completely agree with that statement or it comes as a surprise, bear with me here. I think that every single one of us has to plan something every single day to survive. This can be anything, from what time we wake up to what route we walk to class. No matter how naturally inclined you are to plan, the point is that you have some experience with it. So why is planning your outfits so hard?

I’ve struggled to answer this question for a long time. Being an avid planner, I used to plan so many things that probably weren’t that important (oops,) but I would never plan my outfits! And if you haven’t figured this out already, what you wear is IMPORTANT! It says so much about who you are, and we all want to be genuine girls here, right? But for the longest time, I thought that it was too hard and time-consuming to plan out my outfits in advance… Until one day I ran late because I spent 20 minutes figuring out what to wear. And then it happened again. And again.

Finally I thought, hmm, maybe I would save myself some time if I figured out my outfits the night before… DUH! So I tried it, and yeah, it basically changed my life. If you’re still scared to take the jump and try planning your outfits, let me give you some tangible tips from my own experience. I promise, if you can get through biology class or math problems or whatever you do everyday, you can do this.

1. Spend some quality time with that closet of yours.

Sorry to break it to you, but before you can plan your outfits, you gotta know what you’re working with. You might already know everything that’s in your closet, and if so, girl I’m impressed! But if we’re being honest, most of us probably don’t keep up with our closets often enough. If you take even five minutes to open your closet and look at what you have, I promise you will feel better. If you’re like me, you might even start thinking about what pants would go with that cute flowery shirt that you forgot you had! 

One piece of advice: don’t get yourself too stressed out if your closet isn’t the cleanest sight you’ve ever seen. This is more about just seeing what you have in your arsenal. You might be tempted to get rid of stuff or color-coordinate your clothes, but just wait for another blog post coming soon if you need more tips on cleaning out your closet… 😉 In the meantime, you can use what you have to help you get started in the planning process.

2. Play around!

After you know what you have, allow yourself to have fun brainstorming! Actually taking your clothes out of your closet and putting them next to each other can be super helpful. I love to lay out random outfit ideas on my bedroom floor, and I often surprise myself with the combinations I come up with.  Of course, I would never have time to do this if I was getting ready in the morning and had somewhere to be.  By doing this when you’ve got some time, you’re bound to come up with cute outfits that you never would have thought of while in a rush! You can take as much or as little time as you want, but I bet that once you get started, it’ll be hard to stop!

An example of how I lay out my clothes during a brainstorming session!

3. Make the plan.

Keep reading! I know that this might be the part you’re dreading the most, but you’re a planner, remember? And when it comes to planning your outfits, there are so many effective ways to do it. You aren’t being graded on what method you use, so you can do whatever works best for you. Here are a few that I like!

  • Lay out your outfit the night before: It’s simple, I know. But this strategy has actually been the most effective for me. I’ve gotten into the habit of opening my closet before I get in bed for the night and picking out what I want to wear the next day. And not only do I pick it out, but I actually take it out of my closet. I’ll hang things up on my drawer knobs or just lay them out on the floor. Oh, and I get everything out. From a shirt and pants to shoes and jewelry, I put everything together so I don’t have to think for one second when I get ready the next morning.
  • Keep notes: On your phone, in a journal, whatever works for you. When you think of a new outfit combo, write it down! It’s so easy to forget a great idea, especially when you have a lot of clothes to choose from. If you build up this list of ideas, pretty soon you’ll have your own directory of outfits that you can choose from. You can even mark off which outfits you’ve worn so you don’t accidentally wear the same thing two days later (or maybe that’s just something I would do…)
  • Use an app: As you may know, there are apps for everything nowadays. If you’re a digital person who would rather keep everything stored on your phone, then use these to help you plan your outfits. A couple of popular ones are Stylebook and GlamOutfit. Many of these do have an initial cost, and to actually plan your outfits you’ll likely have to import pictures of your clothes. If you’re okay with that, then these are great resources to help you plan and manage what you’re wearing!
An example of how I plan out my outfits through the Notes app on my phone!

And that, my friends, is the three-step process I’ve used to easily plan out my outfits everyday. It’s a habit, and as with any habit, it definitely takes time to get used to. But please believe me when I say that any time you spend planning your outfits is time well-spent. It’ll not only save you so much time in the mornings, but you’ll be wearing what you actually want to wear rather than the first thing you can find in your closet. Yep, I’m gonna be cheesy and say it. You’ll be a genuine girl.

Let me know in the comments what you’re doing to take your style to the next level! And until next time…

Stay genuine, girl!