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Who Is She?

About Meredith

I’m a college girl trying to live a genuine life. I know that it’s hard to be genuine, especially with all the pressure society places on girls to be perfect. It has taken me periods of losing my true self to realize this. Once I found who I really am, I saw the power in being myself. Through my fashion, podcast, and writing, I hope to inspire every girl to be a genuine girl.

Social Media

A Genuine Girl YouTube

Living genuinely everyday is a challenging task, especially when the rest of the world seems to have it all together.

Through A Genuine Girl’s YouTube channel, Meredith shares honest moments her everyday college life to remind you that you aren’t alone if your life isn’t perfect, while inspiring you to live authentically no matter what the world has to say.


Girl Podcast

Having a genuine voice can be difficult when there is so much pressure to have a perfect voice. 

Through A Genuine Girl Podcast, Meredith brings listeners along with her in a journey of being fully genuine. With her honest reflections about college life, she hopes to be a relatable inspiration for others to be open and real.