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About Meredith

She’s a college girl who is just trying to live a genuine life. She knows that it’s hard to be genuine, especially with all the pressure society places on girls to be perfect, but it has taken periods of losing her true self to realize this. Once she began to find who she is, she saw the power in being herself. Through her book, podcast, and social media presence, she hopes to inspire every girl to be a genuine girl!

Social Media

Practice Makes Imperfect

It’s not easy to be genuine when there’s so much pressure from the world to be “perfect.” Meredith knows this because she spent so much of her life acting like someone she wasn’t just to fit in and be accepted by others. Over time, she has learned that being yourself is far more worthwhile than being anyone else, and she wants to help young women experience this for themselves.

Learn how to overcome the fear of judgment and embrace your imperfections as you grow up and find yourself in Meredith’s latest book, Practice Makes Imperfect.


Girl Podcast

No one likes to talk about the hard parts of growing up. Instead, everyone appears to be living an ideal life, and this makes us feel like we can’t be honest about what we’re going through.

Meredith is breaking this societal barrier by sharing her honest stories, advice, and life updates on A Genuine Girl Podcast. From stress management to loneliness to social media, she tackles all sorts of issues that she has gone through and is still going through as a young adult and college student. Her goal is to reassure you that you’re not alone if your life isn’t always perfect, while also normalizing the practice of authenticity!